Rentals Channel Manager

Manage every online distribution channel

All booking sites in one place

The Channel manager is a platform to manage every online distribution channel. It is developed on a solid cloud-based infrastructure that can be accessed from any mobile device, anywhere. A safe and simple solution to manage availability, pricing, and promotion of your property. And you can also manage every invoicing process directly through our platform.

Stop the manual updates and boost your rankings by maintaining fresh rates, calendars and property data to the channel partners that matter.

AiRentals system is directly connected to all major sales systems in Europe and the world. It has a full connection with the transfer of all data on availability, prices, descriptions, photos, special offers, reservations to over 20 of the most important sales systems for the placement of apartments.

In terms of availability data transfer, the iCal connection is connected to 30 additional sales portals.

The main advantage of the AiRentals system is the fully integrated Advanced PMS (Propertry management system) and CRS (Central Reservation system).

Software overview

Property management system

Rentals Channel Manager has a complete PMS (Property management system) with interface for entering all the necessary information about the facility and accommodation units (apartments). Thus, data on all features of the building, position (map), contents in the building and its surroundings are entered. It is very easy to manage the photo gallery (it is possible to “upload” an unlimited number of photos).Show screen

Calendar management

Reservation management in CM is done on a calendar interface that gives a complete overview of all active reservations and arrivals. Clicking on the start and end date opens the interface for entering basic reservation data, calculating basic and additional services (registration, pet, etc.). By dragging the calendar header, we move through the months of the calendar to view all entries and insights into the filling of the entire season or year.

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Reservation interface

The AiRentals booking editing interface is clear and contains all the necessary information available on more than one screen. It is divided into three parts (guest and intermediary data, reservation data and payment calculation and activity overview. You can communicate with the guest directly from the interface via E-mail, Chat, take notes on activities and have a complete overview of all necessary services about the current reservation.Show screen

Reservation management

Booking management in Rentals Channel Manager is very clear. The search engine allows you to filter by object, search by guest name, select the period of occurrence of the reservation or the period of arrival of guests. By clicking on an individual reservation, you get to the interface of details and the reservation, which allows you to send the necessary documents, track payments, enter guest data for e-Visitor and other services required to work with reservations.

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Channel manager

Rentals Channel Manager, unlike most classic channel managers, in addition to distributing data on prices and availability, sales channels also provide complete information about the facility, descriptions of facilities in various languages, photos of the facility, special offers and the like.

Such access and services significantly simplify the access of the facility to other sales portals and inclusion in their sales network.

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System settings

Rentals Channel Manager is in the full sense of the word, fully customizable. Allows you to set templates for sending e-mails, payments, signatures when sending e-mails, basic document settings (account header and footer, payment slips, payment confirmations, etc.). It is also fully connected to e-Visitor, a guest registration system. From Rentals CM, guest data is very easily reported to the competent tourist board without duplicate entries.Show screen